RIP Sony Vaio

I’ve been MIA; my poor Sony Vaio is no more. I was printing a paper that was due the next morning when my computer fell 5 feet. Needless to say the screen is so screwed up & the CD-rom is broken. $100 later and an extension on my paper and I have been able to retreive everything off my hard drive. So… I have been in crisis mode this week.

It’d only be about $350 to fix the screen/cd rom drive…but I’ve been thinking of getting a new computer for grad school for awhile now. After much decision & getting my semester Army stiped I have decided to deplete my life savings on this bad boy:

I think it’s fair to say there will be no: shopping, Starbucks, Groupons, or running goodies for quite a while. $1800 for a computer… crazy! But I am lucky enough to get a 15% discount through a friend. It’ll be worth it; shes’a beaut.

Otherwise it’s been a relatively busy but normal week. Had some good meals & workouts (pictures once the new computer comes!!) & very little sleep.

Last night Z came out and treated me to a dinner/movie. Dinner was Olive Garden where I had chicken con broccoli (yum!)

So delicious & filling. Good thing I have well over half leftover for dinner tonight 🙂

We saw Just Go With It. It was decent…. expected more humor because Adam Sandler is a riot! Definitely would be one I’d rent and not see in the theatre. But it was a good time. Definitely enjoying whatever it is with him that I have going. There’s no rush and it’s great.

Unfortunately I will be signing off until Monday. I will be up having a blast miserable time doing some training at Ft. McCoy. Going to be a long, sleep deprived weekend with no coffee. That’s unheard of in my world.

Tell me: What are your weekend plans? I’m living vicariously through you this weekend 🙂

Do you have a MacBook or a PC? Am I making the right decision?!

Hope you all have a great rest of the week & a fabulous weekend!


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