Weekend Recap

Hey there!

I took the weekend away to get a mental breather. No homework, no blogging, no anything. I went home for the weekend and spent much needed quality time with my family. Friday night we went out for fish at my dad’s friends restaurant. He makes the best baked fish ever! & A mean rum & coke 😉

Saturday was one of the toughest days I have experienced…ever. I woke up early to get a short run in before the day. It was my friends funeral. Words can’t explain the beauty & despair of the services. If only Riley had known just how many people his act affected. The hall was jam packed with people and beautiful flowers. My heart still breaks for his poor family & girlfriend…but time will heal all wounds. I don’t think I stopped crying from the time I pulled up until about halfway into my drive back home. Beautiful passages were read and an amazing solo of “Hallelujah” was sung…Riley’s favorite song.

The hardest part was definitely witnessing the military honors he received. I know that being in the Army I’ll see many of these funerals–but this was my first one. I wish I could say it’d be the last. Even though I knew the 21 gun salute was coming, I still jumped everytime. It carries so much finality with it. And then the playing of Taps did me in. Such a song of despair. The unfurling of the flag and refolding it all crisp & handing it off to his poor mother. Yes, it was sad. But beautiful too as we celebrated the [short] life of my friend Riley. He’s happier where he is now and I pray that his family can begin to look to the future.

After this I was in desperate need of some fun & laughs. I went to my friend Sams house& played with her adorable kids for a while and we played Scrabble and had coffee…I’m such a 20 year old college student 😉

Sunday was fabulous. Went out for a 10 mile run with Sam around Lac La Belle. Some parts felt like crap…some felt great. But it was amazing to get out there on a run to clear my mind with a good friend. The rest of the day I spent somewhat doing homework and getting ready to head back to school.


It’s going to be a busy week…. ready set go!


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