we must keep moving forward

It’s been quite the dreary week here. Between the weather and the news of a friends death, I’ve been on a mental health break the past 48 hours. Had planned to get a run in today but am having some stomach issues.

But life continues on. Hopefully the funeral services on Saturday will help the grieving process. But apart from the Debbie Downer part of my week I’ve had some fantastic eats and great workouts!

Some of the yummmys;

This coffee is simply to die for; so sweet and delicious.

How to make a healthy snack go unhealthy real quick; put on COPIOUS amounts of the fabulous PB.

Best meal ever. Bagel thin with a chipotle queso Laughing Cow wedge, Morning Star Chipotle Black Bean Burger (hello delicious!), red onion & sugar snaps with fiesta lime seasoning.

Good thing I have no one to kiss cause I think it’s safe to say the chipotle and onion flavors probably didn’t leave me with the freshest breath. 😉

So of course I opted for something sweeter for dessert:

Pears warmed up with Splenda Brown Sugar 🙂

Amazing yogurt bowl: Strawberry Chobani, banana, blackberries (my favorite!), chia seeds & a piece of toast with Apple Butter; yummy in my tummy.

Pre-Run Fuel. This is a great Luna bar. Chocolate = happiness.

& for the runner up dinner this week:

Tilapia marinated in a spicy pineapple run sauce & corn. Yum.

So now ya’ll think that all I did was eat this week! Some good meals thats for certain. I did get a great treadmill tempo in yesterday. I dedicated it to my lost friend; ran my heart out for him and showed that treadmill no mercy. Felt amazing afterwards.

On that note I’m halfway through my half marathon training for race #2. I wish it was soooner yet I need to the training time. This weekend calls for a 10 miler with my FAVORITE RUNNING BUDDY; I can’t wait.

Some motivation & something that made me smile this morning:

Tell me: What was your favorite meal this week?


7 thoughts on “we must keep moving forward

  1. so sorry to hear about your friend 😦 you’ll be in my prayers.
    your food all looks SUPER delicious and I have to say that I am super excited to see your stamp of approval on DD toasted almond coffee b/c I bought some at Target last night and have yet to try it. good to know another coffee lover likes it! 🙂 good luck on your 10 miler this weekend!

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