Friday Favorites

I’ve been crazy busy today with errands and my to-do list (see tomorrow’s post!) but wanted to put up a few of today’s favorites.

*I’m loving these two songs:
It Felt Good on my Lips [not to mention he’s a fine man! haha]
A Little Bit Stronger [beautiful woman, beautiful song.]

*This postt by Emma @ SweetToothRunner is wonderful. I found myself reflecting on the past and the present. It’s all about the Comparison Trap that almost every woman finds themselves fighting. We all need to love ourselves and appreciate our own beauty; afterall you live your life not anyone elses.

*an inspiring quote from a friend on Dailymile….

*Modified Shamrock Shake. I don’t like eating such crappy food but had an icky doctors appt so I rewarded myself πŸ˜‰
*COSTCO! My good friend has a membership card there and this is what I got:
I couldn’t resist the Chobani. I really only went there needing a big jug of coffee… but all those looked pretty good too! Excited to try the chipotle black bean Morning Star patties. & Β Take my word for it… those brown rice chips are too die forrr!

*Last but not least: today I switched from ‘winter’ candles to my new summery ones. After my run outside today I was in too much of a springtime mood:

Time to get back to being productive! Busy day tomorrow: 8 mile run, work, then a Mexico themed party with tacos and margaritas with some of my closest friend. I may not be able to afford going to Cancun like every other college kid it seems, but I can bring it to me! πŸ™‚
Tell me: What are your weekend plans?


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