Life of a Busy Bee

Hey there!
Happy St. Patty’s Day! I know a lot of my friends celebrate this day big [to them it’s just an excuse to drink all day long-yuck] but to me it’s just another day. Maybe I’ll get festive and throw some green on this year 😉

The break got a little extended past the weekend–mainly cause I’ve been incredibly busy. With fun stuff though! Here’s a little recap of the past week:

Drill this past weekend was uneventful. Except I did get handcuffed about 40 times and thought my wrists were going to fall off. You probably think that’s weird but I’m part of a Military Police unit and that was the training on our agenda.

Monday started my spring break & it was the only day I could spend at home since I had to come back to Madison to work/make up for the ridiculous amounts of money I spent on Monday:

a pedi with my momma 🙂
Now that is the life right there. I had went on a painful 4 miler that morning so having my feet & calves rubbed was a little slice of heaven.
Who comes up with these names?! I found it funny so naturally I snapped a picture 😉
And for the final result:
Prettty! Sorry if you hate feet–I do too. Although I do think I have some cute toesies! 🙂

While on the topic of feet… you may remember me mentioning I’m a shopaholic. Well I’m going to take it one step further and say … I’m a shoe whore. I went to Maurices, Kohls & Target on Monday. While I did spend money on clothes [it’s acceptable to buy a boatload of stuff in the spring….right?!] I may have bought 6 pairs of shoes. Good thing my closet is already full of shoes.

Purchased: 5 pairs of heels, 1 pair of sandals…. I had to get some practicality in there somewhere 😉
Feel free to pass judgment/make recommendations for a Shoe-aholic Anonymous meeting I can get into. It’s such a problem. I love the intense black ones in the upper left hand corner..just looking for the perfect dress to go with them. Sadly I found one at Target but it was too small on myback… 4 years after quitting swimming and I still have an incredibly broad back. 😦

As mentioned I also bought some fun clothes and was going to model them for you 😉 But instead have decided to wait until I wear them. I did get an amazing pair of dark Silver jeans though. Guilty pleasure.
My mom also bought me a beautiful khaki trench coat. I’m sure I’ll wear it this week so stay tuned. Love momma-daughter days and am sad that I only got one day with her.

The rest of the week has been full of work. I work 11-2 and 5-7 each day… which doesn’t sound bad. But that 3 hour break inbetween is not conducive to productivity. I can’t really get anything done that I want to.

I made a great lunch Tuesday:
Tuna mac: Noodles, tuna, edamame (obsessed!), red pepper & celery. With some delicious cacao roasted almonds. (confession #2: I used to hate nuts with the exception of cashews..but these little devils are delicious!)

I’ve had some difficulties running since last Wednesday. My calves are tight and are holding me back. Mentally I’m all about getting out and running cause I’ve had some great runs & can’t wait for my half in May.
Between shifts yesterday I was in the best mood ever. I checked the weather on my phone and saw this:
57 degrees, March 16th, in MADISON? That’s a tropical heatwave. So naturally I pulled out the shorts (could’ve even got a tee on) and got ready to RUN!
[My legs have finallly toned up after a year of running! No longer embarassed to run in shorts!!]
Last but not least before heading out was some fuel:
This LUNA bar was a freebi when I bought a 6 pack of a different flavor. Not impressed with it… but it did the job! I ended up running 4.44 miles with an average of 8:57. I did 7x400s with some 400 cooldowns inbetween. Not a super impressive stat but considering how painful my legs have felt lately I was happy.

So that’s the incredibly brief rundown of my life lately. I’ve been indulging in a fabulous book too-if you’re looking for a great read check out Picoult’s “House Rules”. It’s phenomenal.

Tell me: What’s your downfall when it comes to shopping?

How do you get your calves not feeling like they’re being rung like a towel? ouch.


3 thoughts on “Life of a Busy Bee

  1. I LOVE pedis with mama! I miss them… we used to go all the time when I came home from college. 🙂

    are you stretching your calves before and after your run? are you drinking chocolate milk after your run (reallly helps soreness… I swear upon it)? are you keeping hydrated to combat soreness (also works like a charm)?

    also, if your calves hurt while you’re running, try to put the focus on other leg muscles. tweak your stride so your quads are feelin’ the burn, and it may take some stress off your calves.

    good luck, girlfriend!

  2. Your toes look so cute! I got a pedicure with my mom this week, too 🙂
    I’m sorry your calves have been hurting so much! Mine have been majorly tight too. I’ve been doing lots of foam rolling, stretching, and icing. Do you have a foam roller? I really recommend getting one.
    Have a great rest of your week, girl!

  3. Thanks ladies! I have promised myself to take better care of myself as far as pre-post run stretching; definitely something I always slack on.
    I have The Stick & love it. Although it may be time to invest in a foam roller since I’m hearing praises about it everywhere!

    & I swear by the chocolate milk afterwards too. I ran out of Nesquik so haven’t had it lately. Good thing I made a costco run 😉

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