Got Motivation?

Oh Monday…. not the biggest fan.

Today I needed to get 3.5 miles in and had zero motivation initially… if you’re ever in the boat here’s a brief how-to!

Step 1: Lace up the [new] running shoes.

Step 2: Strap on the Garmin and find whatever inspires you. For me, it is a simple 13.1 sign hung on my fridge made by my favorite running partner (who I miss dearly!)

Step 3: Look forward to a good Stick/stretch session post-run.

Step 4: Get some good jams on the iPod. My top 3:

Nothing You Can’t Do
Look at Me Now
Erase Me

If you’re looking for new music, check it out.

While it took a mile to get into the zone… the motivation worked.

End Result:

Training schedule is a bit wonky this week because of a PT test for ROTC & then drill this weekend. Really had to force the speed for this run [keep in mind I’m a slower runner! ;)] but glad I pushed it in the end.

Refueling included Starbucks Via (such a genius invention) & a carmel rice cake with apple butter on it. I may have a new favorite snack.

And that folks is how you find motivation for a run when all you want to do is sit on the couch & nap.

Onto the days eats!! 🙂

Breakfast was another yogurt bowl & coffee of course;

Peach Chobani, mixed berry granola, & chia seeds.

Lunch was a pita with mozz cheese & some ham & a delicious soup @ hand

The weather in Madison was incredibly dreary today so tomato soup sounded perfect. It hit the spot 🙂

Dinner was another massive taco salad. Included was edamame, black beans, hard boiled eggs, romaine, spinach, taco seasoned ground turkey, & fat free cesear!

Yummy in mah tummy! Dessert last night was fat free/sugar free chocolate pudding with strawberries & I’ll likely repeat it cause it was delicious.

On that note it’s about time to work on my research project watch the Bachelor!

Tell me: How do you muster up the motivation to go workout when that’s the last thing you want to do?



One thought on “Got Motivation?

  1. Ugh trying to get motivated for workouts on Mondays is the WORST. Usually, I lay out my clothes, shoes, and water the night before so that getting ready to workout in the morning isn’t so bad. I should definitely hang a little “13.1” sign in my room though too! That’s a great idea.

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