Single Ladies

Such a fun weekend, I’m so sad it’s coming to an end. After cleaning and working on some homework it was time for my friend Sarah to come over for dinner and more homework (and a movie was included… but I ended up crashing!)

For dinner I made margherita pizza–so delicious.

Preheat oven to 425. Put tomato sauce, green peppers, red onions, tomatoes, and mozzerella cheese on a pita & pop it in the oven. Cook according to how crispy you like your pizza! 😉 It’s so easy and tastes amazing. Today I made another one and in place of the tomato I threw on some spinach leaves. yumm!

Sarah was in charge of bringing over the [adult] beverage. We gotta keep it classy with the boxed wine 😉

This stuff is way better than Fraznia. Usually I’m not a red wine person cause it gets dry but for a cheap boxed wine I recommend this. In fact, I might go pour myself a glass real quick.

We both were craving ice cream [which is weird since I rarely crave ice cream] so we walked down to the Market a few blocks from my apartment. We had every intention of sharing a pint of Ben & Jerrys…but they knew the Single Ladies were coming in. It was BUY ONE GET ONE. We couldn’t (and no normal person could!) pass up that deal. I ended up getting Half Baked and she got Peanut Butter Cup. No pictures as we practically inhaled it!

Sarah & I popped in Salt. If you haven’t watched that movie I highly suggest it; nothing beats a hot chick fighting and shooting guns…but that’s probably just the Army in me speaking. I ended up going to bed about 20 minutes in; surprise surprise! Turns out that my 7 mile run made me a bit more tired than I had thought.

We woke up this morning early to get ready to go to church.

Before heading out I whipped up some oatmeal with CHIA SEEDS! & A scoop of good old PB. I finally hopped on the chia seeds bandwagon–I love the texture they add to texture-less foods.

I hadn’t been in a few weeks & I was really needing to get there. I threw on a cute outfit and took the walk to the downtown service by the capitol.

I was in desperate need of some spiritual cleansing. So glad I went cause the message this morning was absolutely beautiful! They included a slideshow of photographs depicting the start of new creation and they were stunning; I actually shed a tear or two. There’s nothing more powerful than bringing together a group of strangers to worship together, it was beautiful.

After a fun night and morning with Sarah it was time to hit the books. I grabbed some delicious Spicy v8 and headed to the closest library.

I was able to bust out my entire Journalism paper that’s not due until Tuesday; I’m never that far ahead of the game. It probably helped that it was on advertisements which I find incredibly interesting. Hmm….maybe I’m in the wrong major afterall. Afterwards I headed to the gym to lift some weights and do a 3mile run. The weights went great but today I could not run to save my life. I had no TV or magazines and was hating it. After a mile I said “F it” and decided to make it a rest day. I feel kind of guilty now but this is something I need to work on. I don’t need to workout every single day.

On the way home I picked up some sushi. Stardust combo is the best!

Delicious. Time to do some more homework, watch Army Wives (it’s finally back on!) & make some chocolate fat-free pudding for dessert.

Tell me: What was the highlight of your weekend? Busy week ahead?

I have a tough school week to bust through but then it’s SPRING BREAK.


2 thoughts on “Single Ladies

  1. ummm buy one get one ice cream?! yes please!! all of your food looks so good. its making me hungry. may need to go get some ice cream right now… 🙂

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