Super Smiley!

Hey there!

It’s been another hectic week in my life, no thanks to college. It is getting in the way of my blogging! Although, I do find time to read other blogs everyday! 🙂

I’ve had some great training runs this week for my next half. Yesterday was 6x400s. I did 1 at 6.5 all the way to 7.0 with 400s at 6.2 inbetween. Felt really good especially considering my hatred dislike for the treadmill. We may be getting a stronger relationship afterall.

Because Tuesday I am on the go from 10:30-5 I threw together some chili in the crock pot that I got from Alyssa’s blog. It was delicious and my apartment smelled so good when I got back with quite the appetite.

With sour cream & a little fat free mozz cheese, this was quite the chili! 🙂

The other day was National Pancakes day..although I didn’t have time to whip up pancakes I did have some lite waffles with strawberries & blueberries. Sooo good, makes me hungry just remembering them!

Do you ever have days where you just can’t help but smile?
That was my yesterday. I think I may have even looked silly walking to class with a smile plastered on my face from ear to ear. I found myself so appreciative of all the things I have in my life and all the things I’m able to do. I complain about a bad run, or skipping a training run… then I stumbled upon this picture.

Are you inspired yet?! Here’s a child with prosthetics… taking part in a childrens run for CAF (Challenged Athletes Foundation). Do you think this child (J.J. Miller) has the same worries on a day to day basis? It takes your breath away. Seeing this picture reminded me to be thankful and cherish all the wonderful blessings I have in my life, and not to sweat the small stuff. So be it if I can’t get to the gym one day. It’s a beautiful life, smiling is contagious! 😀

Today started off with a class called PowerFlow–it’s a combination of yoga & pilates. There was a different instructor there today and it was tough. I was not ready to be working my legs as hard as I did. I think that we were in the chair pose for 15 minutes collectively!

Ouch! I’ll definitely be feeling that one tomorrow… maybe even later today.

Afterward I had my coffee (the only way to start a day post-workout) & a delicious egg sandwich.

Included: bagel thin, slice of ham, reduced fat pepper jack cheese, egg beaters, seasonings. So good, so easy, & compares to an egg sandwich from a bagel shop!

Lunch was a modified grilled cheese & tomato soup. It’s windy here in Madison and I was chilly. So easy.

That soup is so delicious; you’d never know it’s so low in calories when eating it. The pita had a little mozz cheese warmed up in it. Yumm.

Trying to decide what’s on the dinner menu for tonight — suggestions?

I wanted to take the time to set up a few goals for March. Lately I’ve felt very unorganized & I’m not liking it.


  1. Do AbRipperX 3 times a week. Gotta define those abs before summer! 😉
  2. Take care of my body–including REST DAYS, ice, and stretching.
  3. Keep lifting 3x a week. I’ve been letting this slide lately… :-/


  1. Less procrastination. More motivation.
  2. I think #1 is enough of a task for me to tackle. Ha.

Healthy Eating

  1. Eat more fruits & vegetables.
  2. Spend more time cooking meals rather than finding something easy.
  3. Plan out meals on Sunday & get appropriate groceries.
  4. Drink more plain water.


  1. Compliment myself on something everyday.
  2. Spend some time revamping the blog. 🙂

I think that’s a sufficient list to tackle for one month; don’t you think?

Do you find it easier to achieve your goals once you have written them down and shared them with people?


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