Military Ball

So just last week/earlier this week I was really stressing out about not having a date to my military ball.  My mom is better than any date–she bought me more beautiful flowers! Some from my Valentines bouquet are still kicking in there so now I have a beautiful arrangement!

Turns out I had a lot of fun. Luckily I don’t have my dress uniforms here so I got to look pretty in a dress instead of my itchy Class A uniform! I wore an old homecoming dress to save money…. good to know it still fits to! 😉

My mom was a beautician so she came up, we grabbed lunch on State St & she did my hair. It looked beautiful =)

The ball was formal as it is a military function.. yet some guys dates wore some short dresses. Not my style for this sort of event. Snapped some pictures with my favorite girls & some others in ROTC:

My best friend since second grade is dating a guy in ROTC so she was there! 😀 :

Haha the guy in the middle is my favorite cadre member; he’s hilarious. This facial expression is common for him cause his quirky personality. Even though he likes Minnesota sports… (gross!)

My favorite girls. We’ve gotten real close in the last year. Afterwards there was an after-party. SO MUCH FUN! I wasn’t going to go out cause I had to be to work by 6am today… but I couldn’t pass up a night with my closest friends!

Loved that outfit. Ended up putting a sweater on cause it was surprisingly chilly. Had a few drinks (which made work at 6am difficult.. and my 3mi pace run today). Crawled in bed for 4 hours of sleep only to be rudely interrupted by a fire alarm. Not a good night of sleep but had so much fun!

Today I did not wanna run; I was tired, dehydrated, and just wanted to nap. But I got all my gear on and headed out while it was snowing. So glad I did… did a 5K and averaged 8:50 which is real quick for me. It was just an on run and I loved it. Can’t wait to see what I’m able to do at my next half marathon! Time to head out to my friends for girls night; nothing better than making dinner together & watching movies!

Until next time! ❤


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