Celebrating the Small Victories

I’m baaaack! It’s been one heck of a *hectic* week. With exams, papers, & work, I had zero me time [with the exception of getting some running in of course! 😉 ]

I did get to shop at Trader Joes and pick up somethings recommended… I can’t wait to test out the Chili Lime Chicken burger tonight! 🙂

The stuffed (apple & almond) pork chops were to die for. Soooo good. I also have a newfound obsession with Greek Yogurt. Scrumptious!

Nothing too exciting this happened except for doing poorly on another exam… oops. Gotta get with it. But there is one thing I need to share:

Did anyone have to climb a rope back in gym in grade/middle/high school? I never could do it…ever. We have to climb a big, TALL rope for the Army and I’ve struggled with it. Since October I’ve made small improvements. Monday morning I got about 6 inches from touching the top of it… My sergeant was VERY happy for me and said that he has faith I’ll be up by Friday. Lo & behold…Wednesday morning *I MADE IT TO THE TOP!!*. The feel of accomplishment was outstanding; and everyone [including the sergeant] was incredibly happy for me. Months in the making and I finally did it. [Now I have to learn a better way to get down… hello severe ropeburn and bruises!] So while it’s a small victory… it’s victory nevertheless.  =D

I did manage to get in a great run this morning. It was pretty cloudy out [oh and ICY!…definitely slowed me down a bit] Had a great realization during the run: in the one year that I’ve taken up running I’ve made immense strides. While I’m not fast by anyones standards… a year ago I ran around 10-10:20 miles. My half marathon I averaged 10:43 due to a few walk breaks. Now here I am staying relatively steady around 9:30. What a different a few months makes. I can’t wait for good weather to see my full potential! But here’s some views from this chilly, ice, difficult run:

There’s the capitol in the distance! I can’t wait until spring–I’m ready for some sunshine. And puddles instead of sheets of ice. Had some delicious coffee & a yummy breakfast afterwards:

So soooo good. Although my lunch may have been wayyy better.

Included: tuna, yellow bell pepper, edamame, & a little ranch. So good, so easy, and gone in about 3 minutes. 🙂

Time to head to work for a bit … at 9pm.  [I’ll play catch up with the 30 days challenge this weekend! promise!] Got a busy weekend coming up (read: military ball & lots of work). So I think I’m going to treat myself to a SHAMROCK SHAKE tonight. So naughty, but so deserved!



2 thoughts on “Celebrating the Small Victories

    • Yes they’re out. It tasted wayyy too delicious. I’d love that recipe… cause I think I may get one too many shakes otherwise! Whats your e-mail?
      The chili lime chicken burgers are on the menu tonight. =)

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