Weekend recap & Day 11

Man was this weekend packed with fun! I have slacked with the 30 day challenge but once again, picking up where I left off. School is tough right now so sadly that had to come first. But this is my break from writing papers & reading 🙂

Friday I headed home after work and did a whole lot of nothing and loved every second of it. I caught up on TV shows that my lovely mother DVR’d for me since I missed everything [I spent nights in the library…woohoo?] Saturday morning I “slept in” until 8am then made some breakfast, got on the spandex and hit the pavement with my favorite running buddy. I had only run 3 miles since nursing the foot tendonitis so I was a little nervous but the 5 miles was painfree! =D

That was taken after the Lake Country Half this past September. It was my first & her second–that’s where the addiction began for me!  We never run out of stuff to talk about and the time just flies. Not to mention the weather was beautiful. Well…. upper 30’s but that’s tropical lately. It’s gonna be like that all week too… hello outdoor runs!  We finished the run at her house than sat and talked more and played with her kids for about 2 hours. I love them–they’re angels! Although I think Sam would beg to differ somedays. But they love me! 🙂

Then it was on to the Bucks game. Even though I really am uninterested in basketball this was a ton of fun. Maybe that had something to do with a few players being quite good looking & 7 feet tall. The best part was definitely halftime. All of WI is soaking up the Packers AWESOME Super Bowl XLV win. Woodson & Peprah showed up at halftime with the Lombardi trophy and an interview. It was awesome. Packer pride right here!  All in all it was a fun time spent with my dad. I took some pictures but…. still haven’t found that cable yet.

I crashed after the game (thanks to the two beers I had–I guess that’s what happens when you stop drinking). Spent this morning hanging out with my family, did some grocery shopping and came back to school. I got a tough week coming up with papers & exams but I can do it. Running OUTSIDE is going to be amazing.

Day 11: My Favorite TV Shows

I’d like to say that I don’t watch much TV but I’d be lying. I probably watch too much.. especially too much junk TV. But it makes my life feel totally normal!

These are the shows I watch (feel free to chuckle at some!)

Bachelor(ette), One Tree Hill, Pretty Little Liars, House, Biggest Loser, Off the Map, Greys Anatomy, Private Practice, Vampire Diaries, Bones, Criminal Minds, JERSEY SHORE, & Fairly Legal.

Dang looking at that list I look like a TV junkie. I usually catch up on shows on the weekends or take quick homework breaks & watch it online. Lord knows I’m not really caught up in a lot of them right now. Time to get some beauty sleep & prepare for this weekend.

Sweet dreams ❤


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