It’s a Wonderful Life :)

I love Wednesdays. There is nothing better than knowing that the week is already half over; it went soo fast! And I have a fabulous weekend out ahead of me. I’m heading home for a hair color appointment but get to indulge in a family dinner, some shopping, an OUTDOOR run with my girl Sam & then courtside tickets for the Bucks game. I don’t even like basketball but I couldn’t pass up a $110 ticket I got for free–who knows I might meet Mr. Right 😉 Here’s to wishful thinking.

Today started out great because I got to sleep in. Usually I have PT for ROTC on Wednesday mornings but because the -16 and -25 degree windchills it was cancelled, SCORE! Slept in, did the class thing, and tonight I helped out a friend and picked up some hours at work. I also have a fabulous tuna salad I’m making for dinner [I’d love to post pictures but my camera cord is MIA at the moment. I’ll work on finding that!]

I’m not working out today; gasp! A few months ago I wouldn’t have cared. But for some reason I feel guilty that I’m not working out. I’m not sure if that’s good or bad… but I’ll make up for it tomorrow with Powerflow  class, lifting, and a run!

The best news of the day: It is going to be 40 DEGREES on Monday. That is a tropical heatwave compared to the Antarctica us Wisconsinites have been living in this winter. I cannot wait to suit up and go out on a run. After all, I am my own Valentine–gotta treat myself somehow! 🙂

Day 10: Something You’re Afraid of

After reading a post about a great day I hate to end it on this note but I’m gonna be honest; I’m absolutely terrified of hangings. [along with clowns but those I can somewhat handle]. Anytime there’s a hanging in a movie I a) completely spazz out and b) have nightmares/may sleep with a light on.
Sound silly? Not when you hear this. Back when I was a competitive swimmer I often would have a hard time falling asleep before big competitions. I took half an Ambien once and it was magical; I fell asleep no problem. A few months later I had the same issue so I took a whole Ambien… that’s where it all started. I had a real-life hallucination [that I could not wake up from mind you] that my family was hanging from my ceiling fan with my belts. No matter how hard I tried to come out of this hallucination I was stuck… the rest of the night I had to sleep with all the lights on and my mom held my hand.
So that’s what I’m terrified beyond wits about. I’m getting the heebie jeebies just talking about it.

So on a lighter note, go enjoy the rest of your ‘hump day’… just two more days until the weekend! [Which I’m sure many of you have fabulous Valentines Day plans for! <3]


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