Day 8: A Place You’ve Travelled To (YEAHHH PACKERS!)

I couldn’t post this without referring to my outstanding Packers. What an outstanding football game–I love my Packers; especially Aaron Rodgers. You could say that I’m obsessed in love with him. I won’t talk about that though; no one wants to read about my love for him.

The Super Bowl was my one and only highlight of the weekend. I had drill (for the nat’l Guard) this weekend so I was gone all weekend.I wish I had cool Army stories to share but it was really. freaking. boring. I’m a bit overtired from late nights & 5am wakeups but I’m hoping to bounce back soon. Unfortunately that means I didn’t take part in my 30 day challenge and got seriously behind in some blog reading. But I’m going to pick up right where I left off.
I have travelled many places when I was younger and a national swimmer….but my most memorable travel experience was my freshman year of college. I went to the Dominican Republic with a group of 20 other people. There we taught English at an orphanage and nearby school and did service work at the orphanage. It was the most humbling and rewarding week of my life. I have always wanted to adopt children but this week in the DR just solidified it for me. These children are angels, they deserve to have a loving family because they have infinite amount of love to give.

This picture was taken at the orphanage in Santiago. I think this specific girl had Autism and immediately she gravitated towards me. She had a death grip on me the entire time and when we left she tugged my shirt so hard it almost ripped. Tears of happiness to my eyes.

I could talk about this experience forever, but instead I’ll tell just one life-altering story. [Keep in mind that these children have virtually nothing but clothes with holes and dirty living quarters]. There is one specific boy at the orphanage that gravitated towards me immediately. His name was Andres and he was my best friend for the week. One night we got to hang out with the orphanage boys later than usual. When all the volunteers, myself included, were heading back to our sleeping quarters Andres walked with me. We were holding hands being goofy and just soaking up every minute of this experience. It was pitch dark outside (& rather beautiful) and I asked Andres if he was scared of the dark at all. He responded with saying “no, are you?”. Jokingly I responded (in Spanish) “of course!, how are you not scared of the dark?”. His words forever are in my heart and I’m so glad I speak a fair share of spanish otherwise this moment never would have happened. Andres said, “No tengo miedo porque yo camino con Dio”. (English-I’m not scared because I walk with God). An 11 year old orphaned child saying something like this… imagine it. To this day it brings goosebumps and tears to my eyes. It forever changed me. I think about him weekly and pray that he is doing well; maybe even adopted by an outstanding family who is as compassionate as he is. I miss him but will be forever grateful for the outlook he has given me. My two favorite pictures:

Goodnight folks. πŸ™‚


2 thoughts on “Day 8: A Place You’ve Travelled To (YEAHHH PACKERS!)

  1. Thanks for your nice comment!

    These pictures are great…Its funny you mentioned autism because I teach kids with autism. Looks like it was an amazing trip and you must be a wonderful person πŸ˜‰

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