Day 3: My First Love

Jan 30, 2011

This prompt makes me think back to high school. Then I was sure that I was ‘in love’ but looking back and reflecting now, I’m not sure if it was love or not. I feel like I was too young for it to be real love… but at the same time he made me so very happy. I was treated so well [well, for the most part anyways…] Sure, there were fights and things that needing fixing in the relationship–but that’s 100% normal. In the end I ended up growing apart from him & I thought both our goals in life and our personalities were too different. There were things that HAD to be fixed for us to continue dating & I didn’t give him the chance to do it. And that is one thing I regret. To this day I still wonder ‘what could’ve been’… was he the guy that I was supposed to date all through college too & be high school sweethearts? Or was he the lesson I needed to keep waiting for the right guy? Only time will tell… it’s been almost 3 years since we broke up now & he has changed so much [& not necessarily for the better..]. If it was ‘my first love’ then I forever am grateful to him & the best parts of our relationship certainly have set a high bar for the next fella. Here’s a picture from one of the happiest days/nights I spent with him:

Ha, this post has me thinking back to High School. I feel like that was forever ago and it was only 3 short years. This day was beautiful & perfect. Writing this makes me miss our friendship and all the laughs, tears, & everything in between that we shared. But hey, everything happens for a reason šŸ™‚


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