a setback is a setup for a comeback.

Oops, with no school I found myself slacking generally in life; including with my newly created blog! But I’m back.

The past week I’ve been in relatively low spirits. Two Saturday’s ago I went on a 9mile run & ever since the Sunday after my foot has experienced a pain I’ve never felt before. The doctor thinks it’s tendonitis but it doesn’t seem to be getting better even though I’m staying off it.

Why low spirits because a sore foot you ask?

Simple. Running is my niche. My newfound vice, passion, & hobby. Running in the morning makes me happy & is the best way to start the day. Even though I just picked it up [seriously] last May–without running this past week I have found my days rather drab & all I wanna do is go out and escape along the sidewalks in Madison.

So my optimistic side is coming out & I’m finding wonderful reasons to brighten those low spirits:

*A new motivation to do well in school the next 3 semesters; LAW SCHOOl!
*Finding a new way to exercise that I really enjoy because of the foot: Spin. [Maybe it’s a “blessing” in disguise… although I beg to differ at the moment].
*Starting my lifting routine; watch out for the muscle 😉


Time for my dose of The Bachelor–sad I know but a girl can dream.


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