Home is Where the Heart Is

What a beautiful day. Even though my alarm went off at 5:30. Ran to work for a quick shift, then got in a glorious 5 mile run afterwards. Great temperature but the roads & sidewalks were still rather slick. During the run I was reminiscing; just 8 short months ago I began running. Before this, I struggled to run 2 miles and dreaded it when I do that. Now I have a PASSION again. I never thought I could love something like I did for competitive swimming, but running is that something I’ve been seeking.

I may not be a speed demon; but I have improved so much so I can’t complain. A year ago the thought of a half-marathon never crossed my mind, and here I sit having completed one & about to start training for the next. In 2012 I will join the elite club and be a full marathoner; I can’t wait. Runners high is the best kind out there.

Upon finishing my last final I was the happiest person ever (it certainly helped that it was incredibly easy too!) and was on my way home. Being home for the holidays is the best feeling ever; my mom decorates beautifully, get to spend quality time with my family, indulge in good food and then run it off, and RELAX.

Tonight I am making cookies with my mom. I love Christmas. Pictures to follow 🙂


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